Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This is story of a farmer named LANCHO and his faith on God. This story is written by G.L FUENTES.
LENCHO lived in hut with his wife and two children in a valley. He totally depends on his crop. Lencho was worked very hard in field willing to have rain and get good crop in field. Every day morning he thought it would rain today but did not happened. One day there was dark cloud in sky and he predicted it would rain and told his wife that they are not just a drop of rain but they were gold coins. After some time rain is converted in heavy snow fall which totally destroyed crops in field. When Lencho field became very said and told to his wife that is only hope for his surviving through out the year. He did not have money for food and get crop in field again.
But he had lots of faith in GOD. So he thought that he would wrought a letter to GOD explaining his condition ask for 100 pesos money which would help him. So he wrought a letter to GOD and posted. One of postman read laughing gave to the postmaster. After reading the letter postmaster became sad about his condition. But he was very surprised to saw such a faith on god and he did not want to lose his faith on GOD.So he asked employees collect some money to gave him. After collection he was able to collect only 70 pesos and posted to Lencho. Next morning , when lencho got letter with money and become very angry to see only 70 pesos except for 100 pesos. He wrought a letter to god again said he send left 30 pesos and also that he did not send money by post because post office was a bunch of crooks. Lencho”



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